In Aluminum Wire Sector, we started this adventure (journey) in 1973. Since then, we have been working diligently and reached today. We started to Aluminum wire refining (thinning) business with the production of Aluminum wire in 1990. With a 500-ton extrusion press, we have reached over 1200-ton annual production capacity.

In our Aluminum wire manufacturing is made by melting  A/7, A/8 ingots, and casting billet. Wire Rod,  after processing in the press, we take wire rod in an iron wheel as 70kg or 550 kg as the desired measure and present customers or users in this way. Depends on demand and function it can be changed.

Depends on the thickness or the desired measure wire rod is processed by rollers.  it is processed by Aluminum Cold Roll Forming Machines between 20mm to 0.60 mm after this process it is presented, customers or users.  Aluminum wire has extraordinary potential based on where it use.

It is widely used in different fields Eloxal (anozide) facilities, rivet manufacturing, Aluminum conductor energy wires, chain jewelry manufacturing, etc.

The factory covers an area of 1600 square meters and locates in Hadımköy Ömerli. For Headquarter and cold roll forming process services, we are in Topkapı Gümüşsuyu.

We are operating our 2nd extrusion press. We have started to manufacture alloy wires, small diameter profiles, and Aluminum pipes with our 850-ton press. We strive for annual 1600-ton capacity.

The principle we care about over 40 years; quality and customer satisfaction. We aim to concentrate on Aluminium-Magnesium alloy wires sislik and gas pipes with activating of our new press.